Company Store

You can now order items with the Platte Valley Trolley™ logo!

Company Casuals has a wide range of clothing and accessories which are now available with the Platte Valley Trolley’s logo. The shirt at left is just one example. To order, visit the Company Causal site.

Start with the product list that will be shown on the left. For example, if you wish a long sleeve denim shirt, click on “Woven Shirts”, then “Denim”, which will show you the various denim styles. “Port Authority® – Long Sleeve Denim Shirt – S600″ is one of the long sleeve denim shirts, and there are a few more to choose from.

Click on the style you want and you will then see a larger view of the product with the logo superimposed. Sometimes you can choose a yellow or black logo. You can often choose different fabric colors and you can zoom in to check out the details of the product. After you have made your selection, click “Add Decorated item To Inquiries”.

Next select the number and size of each item desired. Click “Update Cart” to add items to your shopping cart. You can add more items to your shopping card by selecting more items from the left menu and updating your cart as needed. When you have everything in your cart, click  “Submit Inquiry” to confirm the details and pricing of your order.

Then provide your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and other details about your order. Click “Send” and you’re done. Ed Aitken with Company Casuals will review your order and call you for your credit card information.

That’s all there is to it!