Map & Directions

How to Find Us

To reach the Platte Valley Trolley™, take Interstate 25 to Exit 211 (23rd St.), turn east on Water St., then follow the signs to the Children’s Museum or The Downtown Aquarium where our stations are located. Tickets may be purchased at either the Children’s Museum or The Downtown Aquarium or from our conductor at the Trolley at any of our stops. Sorry, the Trolley crew cannot accept credit cards.

RTD (Regional Transportation District) bus routes have stops very near our Trolley, and the nearby Light Rail is a short walk (or bus ride) away. The closest Light Rail station to the Platte Valley Trolley™ is the relatively new stop on the northwest side of Union Station, only 6 blocks (½ mile) from our stop at 15th St. at the South Platte River. Pedestrians can typically walk from Union Station to our Trolley in less than 20 minutes!

Where can you go and what can you see and do on the Platte Valley Trolley?

Please call 303-458-6255 if you have any questions. Charter opportunities are available and inquiries should be directed to the Trolley office.

Photo by Dick Kindig

While we can’t offer a ride in one of Denver’s original trolleys, we know you will enjoy our Breezer!