“Refurbish the Breezer” — Platte Valley Trolley™ 2011 Capital Campaign

If you’ve seen the trolley lately, you will notice that our “Breezer” needs a new roof, refurbished woodwork, and a general sprucing up. The trolley has worked hard over the last twenty years providing hours of safe, educational fun for 370,000 passengers and it now deserves our attention. We want to make sure this unique trolley ride continues long into the future. Your gift helps ensure that this historic South Platte River experience will continue to be there for all those out-of-town visitors, local children, families, and residents who show up to ride the Platte Valley Trolley™ every summer.

Your donation is tax deductable and will be applied to the urgent need of refurbishing the car body of the Platte Valley Trolley™. Here’s how you can help…

  • Give your donation to one of the crew members


  • Mail in your donation by check to:
    Denver Tramway Heritage Society
    PO Box 1348
    Denver, CO 80201-1348


  • Donate via PayPal (which also takes credit cards):

A receipt for your donation will be sent to you for your tax records.